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Quality policy

BAUMGARTEN manufactures parts for the automotive industry. The production of quality as a result of all design and production activities is one of the primary objectives of the company. Do you take interest in Baumgarten environment management?

To achieve this, we have installed a quality management system according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001, which in addition meets the requirements of the automotive guidelines IATF 16949 as well as the customer specific requirements.

Within the scope of this quality management system the following guidelines do apply for all employees. These specifications are to be considered as obliging  for all actions.

The success of our company depends on the success of our customers and our employees.

Therefore the interests of our customers, employees and suppliers are in the foreground for us.

Our product quality must clearly stand out from the similar competitors’ products to fulfil the customers’ expectations directed to it.

To understand customer demands and customer expectations, one must communicate with his customers. Our customers are our partners. We intend to become aware of the needs and the future tasks of our customers in due time and to solve them reliably. Our scope of action is determined not just by the specifications of our customers. We, as a company, are embedded into a legally and officially regulated framework. Because of this all statutory and official provisions, if applicable, must be considered.

The ideas and the motivation of the employees and our know-how are together the precondition for our company to subsist as a company in the future too.

The corporate culture decisively shapes the behaviour of all executive persons and employees. We want to keep up a sincere communication and a purposeful cooperation.  To this belongs the qualification, information and motivation. Our aim is to inform our employees and to qualify them by means of training.

Our quality management system is the compass for our activity.

We intend to develop our quality management system and to adapt it to new circumstances, as well as to improve it.

Recognizing that companies can only be successful in the future if they are innovative and they actively procure the improvement processes, we consider it as a challenge to query what exists and to elaborate future-oriented solutions by continuous quality, service and technology improvement.

We want to make our products faultless to 100 % with marketable expenses by means of systematic quality improvement. Therefore we want to avoid failures and to shape our processes rugged.


ISO 14001


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