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Data according to the law about the electronic communication and information services, TDG

Stanz-, Zieh- und Presswerk
Martin-Luther-Straße 60
57567 Daaden
Phone 02743 9221-0
Manager: Nicole Bolyki-Baumgarten / Michael Seuser
Trade register: HRB 4259, Registry Court Montabaur
VAT registration number.: DE 811 185 813

Nicole Bolyki-Baumgarten / Michael Seuser &

Exclusion of liability

1. Content of the online-offer

The operator of this online-offer does not take any guarantee for the actuality, accuracy, completeness or quality of the delivered information.

Liability demands against the operator of this online-offer concerning damages of material or intellectual feature caused by using or not using the offered information or by using of faulty or insufficient information are basically excluded, unless an intended or highly negligent culpability of the operator of the online-offers can be proved.

All offers are not compulsory and not binding. The operator of this online-offer reserves the explicit right to modify, to complement, to cancel any parts of the pages or the entire offer without separate notice or to interrupt the publication temporarily or permanently.

2. References and links

In case of direct or indirect mentioning of references (“links”) lying beyond of the area of responsibility of the operator of this online-offer, he is only liable in the case if he has knowledge about the contents and it would be technically possible for him and expected from him to prevent the use in case of illicit contents.

For the contents and first of all for damages beyond that, arising from using or not using the information offered in this way is only the bidder of these pages liable, not the one who just refers to the publication through the links.

This limitation also refers to extern entries made in the guest-books created by the operator of this online-offer and to the discussion forums and mailing lists.

3. Copyright

The operator of this online-offer makes an effort to consider in all publications the copyright of the graphics, sounds and texts used, to use graphics, sounds and texts created by himself, or to go back to royalty-free graphics, sounds and texts.

If still unspecified graphics, sounds or texts, but protected Copyright occur on the pages, the operator of this online-offer could not have stated the Copyright. In the case of such unintended violation of the Copyright the operator of this online-offer will cancel the concerned object from his publication after notification, or appoint it with the appropriate Copyright.

The Copyright of the published objects created by the operator of this online-offer himself remains at the author of these pages. The reproduction or use of such graphics, sounds and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without the explicit permission of the operator of this online-offer.

4. Legal validity of this exclusion of liability

This exclusion of liability is to be considered as an inseparable part of the Internet offer from which to this page has been referred. If any part or particular phrasing of this text does not comply, no longer or not completely comply with the effective legal situation, other parts of this documents concerning their content and validity remain untouched by this.

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